jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Que tal, cómo están?, espero que bien.
No crean que he dejado de lado mi blogs, solo que sigo trabajando en nuevos proyectos, para que
proximamente, vayan viendo avances de mi trabajo como fotógrafa.
Les saludo la tarde, tenga buen día  o lo que queda de él.

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014



Today I wanted to show you something very different; documentary photography. These pictures were taken right after finishing the make-up I did for the end-of-year parade, held by the BASIC PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP course I took.
I found out I love working in fantasy makeup.
When sharing models up, I got a young one, with perfect skin for these works. A beautiful girl, not only pretty, but really nice to boost.
Here, you can see said pictures.

Modelo: Yarisa Cerrillo

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014


Hello everyone:
Today I’m showing you this series I call “She in motion.”
Here I introduce you to a young promise of illustration, Carmen Nogales, who I am lucky to call a good friend.
In this work I tried new things for the first time in two different fields. One of those things was playing with slow motion and studio flash lighting. The second one was using fantasy makeup, a new side of me I recently found out.
With this series, I wanted to reenact the movements of an expressionless mime. Someone who says nothing, but at the same time says it all.
I hope you enjoyed this new series.

Model: Carmen Mª Gómez

domingo, 6 de abril de 2014


After being offline for while, I want to show you “Expressions.” This picture series shows, the different moods and expressions every human being feels at some point in their life. I gave the model a clown nose. Partly because I think it’s a classic. Partly because it’s a character I’m sure inflicted in us all, at some point, laughter, sadness or even fear. The reason for the texture is to show everything in life leaves a mark in us. Not everything is black or white. There is a whole color palette as well, something that makes our journey in this world more pleasant.

Model: Micaela Ramos

sábado, 11 de enero de 2014


My purpose when taking these pictures, was to make the model play the role of a ragdoll. The ragdoll is something we use as a way to shield ourselves, we seek refuge in it, it can even be our confident.
An inanimate doll can at some point on our lives give us love, security, and even dry our tears. Some other times it can be the confident to tell our hopes, dreams, goals, and roads to find out.

Model: Cristina Sanchez

martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013


The theme portrayed in these pictures is “Society.” Because it’s something we all are part of. It’s the current situation Spain faces.
The main elements in charge of narrating this state, are a pair of bare feet. They stand for the people who lost their homes due to the loss of their work. Then, the shoes, that stand for the different social classes.
I wanted to reference strikes and how we watch the situation from afar. How we just observe, as if it had nothing to do with us.

Model: Juan José Alcázar